Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring Out the Old Year; Ring In the New

Ah, 2012. What a tumultuous year...not a bad year, just chock full of changes. With all the moving, shifting, and changing going on, I only made 6 pitiful posts all year long. There were just so many things to keep me out of the kitchen and away from the camera.

For my 2013 New Year's resolution I pledge to post more.  I'm wrapping up some kitchen renovations and have big plans to write more tasty recipes with camera in hand.  You can look forward to Meatless Mondays, food reviews, and kid-friendly recipes all of which will be simply vegetarian because you don't need to be a chef to cook up a nutritious, delicious, veg*n meal.

In the mean time, check out these interviews about veganism from NPR. Am I vegan? Not quite. I consume yogurt and cheese on occasion. However going vegan (or vegetarian) doesn't mean missing out on the foods you love and that includes soul food. (Tamari greens or miso yams, anyone?)

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