Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Indoor Plumbing Doesn't Make You Happy: The Sink Saga

So...I said I would update more regularly this year...Yeah, about that...

My kitchen looks like this:
Note the epic levels of counter top clutter
The faucet broke. One minute we were rinsing off dishes and the next we were being showered with blast of freezing water spurting out of the side of the sink. After a quick look, it was decided that I needed a new faucet. Cool. I've never liked that faucet, but it came with the house and, being frugal, I haven't invested in a replacement.

Exhibit A: Big ol' hole in the side of the faucet that hosed down everything within a 3' radius of the sink:

Faucets are easy to replace, so I picked up a faucet on lunch hour figuring I'd spend something like 30 minutes digging everything out from under the cabinet and replacing the offending faucet.

Exhibit B: New faucet. It will look better when it's installed. Promise.

Meanwhile, the faucet started to leak slowly, this time without being turned on, soaking everything in the cabinet below and puddling in the basement. Yay. (That's sarcasm, btw.)

I've owned a home for years. I'm a weekend warrior. I literally fix things all the time. I am also cursed in all things related to plumbing. The faucet replacement project turned into 2hrs of lying on my back with the top half of my torso awkwardly crammed into one side of the cabinet, trying in vain to loosen the nuts holding the faucet to the sink with a pile of wet slimy wrenches at my side while water dripped from the supply line and onto my face.

The valve that *should* shut off the cold water broke. (I'm cursed, I say.) Angry, drenched, and spewing profanity,  I called a friend to help me seal off the pipe avoid further water damage to the cabinet, floor, and basement. He temporarily patched the leaking valve with water proof tape.

Everything looks so clean and dry in this photo. In reality, it was the home repair equivalent of spiders: dark, wet, cold, and fairly disgusting.
Meanwhile, the cats supervised from the dining room.

Right to left: Giant Storm Kitty and Yeowy

Moral of the story: If indoor plumbing doesn't make you happy, what can?  (Also: It's hard to cook without a functional sink.)

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