Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meatless Mon...erm...Tuesday

It's Tuesday. I completely missed Meatless Monday. Last week turned out to be such an all consuming disaster of a week that I didn't have time to compose yesterday's post let alone write a recipe, cook, and photograph something delicious. I'm going to post food pR0n instead so haters will be forced to hate.

Susan V is pretty much my hero. Not only is she an excellent photographer, but everything on her blog is absolutely flavorful and nutritious. This "chicken" salad being no exception. I highly recommend her blog to veg*ns and omnis alike. There really is something for everyone.

Meanwhile in the Radical Cabbage kitchen, the busted faucet o' doom has been replaced by this resplendent masterpiece which perfectly matches the light fixture, door hardware, and shelf brackets already in place in my kitchen.

 Here's an un-edited picture of the fabulous replacement faucet for your viewing pleasure:
Nice faucet, huh?
Did I think to photograph the light fixture, door hardware, and shelf  brackets? 'Course not.Oh well.

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