Monday, February 11, 2013

Barbecue Tofu

Valentine's Day is coming up and I've received a couple requests to post a recipe for barbecue tofu. BBQ tofu sounds complex or even fancy but it is actually super simple. I promise. Impress the vegan/vegetarian love of your life with this tasty dish. I've even served BBQ tofu and this vegan mac and cheese to omnivores with rave reviews.

BBQ Tofu

Barbecue Tofu with extra BBQ sauce for dipping and vegan mac and cheese

1. Purchase a block of extra firm tofu and your favorite BBQ sauce. The type of tofu that is packed in a tub of water. (Do NOT buy the hermetically sealed silken tofu in the shelf-stable box because it will fall apart and turn into mush.)

2. Take the unopened tub of tofu and stick it in your freezer for a day (or longer). Freezing the tofu will give it a chewier "meaty" texture. In my opinion, freezing helps the tofu absorb more of the sauce.

3. Thaw the tofu by putting the unopened pack in your refrigerator. It takes about 24hrs to thaw completely. If you need it to thaw faster, you can set the package out on the counter.

4. Press tofu. This is very easy. Take 2 plates, line the bottom plate with paper towels, put tofu on top of paper towels, then put the second plate on top of the tofu. Place a heavy book on top of the top plate. Pressing removes some of the moisture from the tofu which allows it to soak up more sauce. I usually press the tofu for 30minutes while I'm prepping other dishes.

5. Slice the tofu into whatever shape your heart desires. I like triangles that are about 2in long and 1/2in thick.

6. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

7. Place the tofu on a well oiled cookie sheet and brush with your favorite BBQ sauce.

8. Bake for 15min.

9. Remove tofu from oven, flip each piece, and brush with BBQ sauce so that both sides are coated in sauce.

10. Bake for 15min.

Finished Product. The tofu will have a lightly crispy layer where the BBQ sauce has carmelized and a chewy texture that my omni friends compare to chicken nuggets.

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