Friday, June 14, 2013

Not-Food Friday: Where Have I Been?

Let's see...Where have I been?  Philadelphia, Washington DC, and working on my house in addition to taking care of the animal herd and holding down the fort at work.

Today's Not-Food Friday is brought to you be the pets I've been pet sitting during my hiatus. Basque in their adorableness:

Jango the German Shepherd mix puppy. So silly. He's laying across my purse in this picture.

Azreal the naughty escape artist ninja kitty who is in love with my hair.

I also celebrated my 31st birthday. (And, no, I do not mind admitting my age.) Two of the highlights were this nifty ice cream cake from the boyfriend and my 2 favorite kids and these tasty local chocolates from the owners of Hellow Yellow.
Ice cream cake time!

Amazing local chocolates from Baylee's
What have you been up to during my hiatus?