I'm Courtney. I've been vegetarian since 1997. I'm a maker of tasty veg*n eats, taker of pictures, programmer by day, and pet momma by night.
"Going veg is too hard/expensive/boring..."

There are many myths about vegetarianism.  Vegetarianism is too hard, too expensive, too boring, too strict, or something that only "radical" people do. Once you give up eating animal carcass you will shrivel up like a raisin from lack of protein, or suddenly feel compelled to break into laboratories to release animals and throw cans of paint on anyone wearing a fur coat. You'll have to eat bland, slimy tofu all day and snack on celery. Good thing these are myths otherwise going veg would suck, right?

There is more than one type of vegetarian. You can be lacto-ovo, lacto, or full on vegan. If being a full time vegetarian is challenging at first, you can try going veg part time by being semi-vegetarian until you're ready to take the leap. Some people go veg for health reasons, others object to factory farming, want to decrease their carbon footprint, or simply dislike the idea of eating another sentient being. I think all of these are good and valid reasons.

You don't have to be a chef. At first a vegetarian diet might seem overwhelming. There are new foods. You can't fix the same old animal carcass meals that you used to eat for dinner. Everything is new and it seems like too much to take in. Don't let the initial overwhelm keep you up at night. You will use most of the same cooking techniques that you used to cook meat to cook veggies.

Vegetarian food is not bland. At least, it doesn't have to be bland. I mean, if you like bland food that's cool too but if you enjoy spicy or flavorful dishes there is no reason not to enjoy spicy and flavorful vegetarian dishes.

There is no rule that requires you to eat tofu. In fact, I didn't eat tofu for a few years because I had no idea how to cook the stuff without turning it into a crumbly, mushy, mess. Also, I have never thrown paint at any one for any reason (at least not that I recall, but I'm sure they deserved it if I did). I certainly haven't broken into any laboratories. Being vegetarian means I just don't eat meat.

Protein and nutrients do not pose a problem and neither does boredom. In fact, I eat a wider variety of food than the majority of omnivores I know and I definitely eat more interesting foods now that I did as an omnivore.

Vegetarianism is not a cult. Everyone is welcome to join even if you're just vegetarian for one meal or one day of the week like Meatless Monday.

Whether you're a full time vegetarian or just tired of eating the same old thing, I hope to provide tasty nutritious recipes. Recipes that don't call for oodles of odd ingredients or cooking techniques you've never heard of, but instead options that are simple, quick, and possible to recreate with basic cooking skills.  I'll also provide reviews of veggie products and cooking methods because no one has time to make every meal from scratch.

Besides, even if you're an omnivore, it's not like eating more vegetables/vegetarian meals is bad for you.

Welcome to Radical Cabbage: a radically simple approach to veg cooking. Enjoy!

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