Q. How did you come up with the name "Radical Cabbage"?

 A. In 2009, I was reading the Urban Homestead and came across a quote by John Dervaes stating that growing your own food has become a radical act (except he said it much better than I just did. I can't find the exact quote now.)  I liked the idea of "radical" in combination with the least radical vegetable of all: cabbage. And there you have it: Radical Cabbage.

Q. Why did you decide to go vegetarian?

A. I stopped eating red meat when I got food poisoning from a meat lover's pizza. I kid you not.

Then I started thinking about why I eat any animals and the only answer I had was because I always had. After that, I read Diet for a Small Planet and went totally veggie.

My uncle Chuck also deserves some credit for mercilessly teasing me about eating cats as a child. Without his merciless teasing and comparing chickens to cats, I wouldn't be the good humored vegetarian I am today.

Q. How long have you been a vegetarian?

A. Since 1997. Although I stayed in the closet about my vegetarianism from 1997-2000 because I was a teenager and afraid of what people might think. I kid you not.

Q. Don't you miss meat?

A. No. Once you don't eat meat for a while, it doesn't taste the way you remember. It is a bit like chewing rubber bands and it smells funny.

Q. Do you try to convert people to vegetarianism as though it is a cult-like religion?

A. No. I believe people may choose what they feel is best for themselves. If you're interested in vegetarianism, I'll be happy to help you out. Forcing a viewpoint on people does not yield positive progress.

Q. Are you a member of PETA?

A. I am not a member or affiliate of PETA. I have no issues with PETA, I'm just not a member.

Q. How do you get your protein?

A. By eating a variety of nutritious foods.

Q. Can't you spell anything?

A.  Nope. My spelling is terrible and given the fact I'm nearly 30 my ability to spell is unlikely to improve. Please overlook spelling errors.

Q. Do I have to eat tofu?

A. You do not have to eat tofu if you don't like it. If you've had a bad experience with tofu in the past, I encourage you to try a different type/brand/cooking method/marinade. There are A LOT of different types of tofu out there.

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